Things you Need to Know before You start Ai Marketing's Marketbot

The internet allows you to create different businesses. You can get into dropshipping, e-commerce, affiliate or training sales.

All of these businesses can make you big money and help you achieve financial freedom. Personally, I am working on a few of this business and am already making money.

But to be honest, I had to develop skills through training and then monetize it. It takes time and without persistence you can give up.

What if I told you that it is now possible to get started on the internet without skills and start generating automatic gains in 48 hours. You will certainly tell me that it is impossible. So if this is your case, I'll meet you at the end of the article.

Today, I will tell you about the Ai Marketing site which allows you to earn money without too many constraints by using the marketbot.

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Before investing in ai marketing and earning earnings you will need to register through a link. Here is my link that allows you to get a gift voucher worth 50 dollars for your advertising budget after you register.

AI Marketing

What is Ai marketing?

Ai marketing is an online advertising platform of the company Wexford Alliance Limited a transparent company incorporated on May 02, 2017 which is engaged in scientific studies, artificial intelligence and Internet marketing. Marketing combined with marketing and artificial intelligence.

What is the marketbot?

The Ai marketing site works with an artificial intelligence (a robot) called the marketbot.


What is cashback?

The term cashback means cash back. It refers to receiving a discount on your online purchases.

How does Ai marketing work?

Ai Marketing offers to advertise to its customers (aggregators) through the marketbot for a commission in the form of cashback.

Aggregators are the large partner companies like Microsoft, Samsung, eBay, Aliexpress to name a few. These aggregators are in different themes such as: IT, travel, tourism, online stores, clothing, sport, music, health, beauty, etc.

The percentages of cashback vary from one aggregator to another. Companies that sell products offer between 1.5-15% while those that offer services between 15-65% cashback.

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How does Ai's marketing robot (the marketbot) work?

The robot analyzes trends in social media and search queries. The results of the analysis are used to select the keywords and trends that are gaining popularity regionally.

Products and programs that match the trends are connected to the cashback programs  of many websites (over 50). Then, the marketing team launches advertisements on Google,  Yandex  direct , Instagram, Facebook and other internet platforms. The robot has a 48 hour moderation period to be at work.

When customers interested in advertising spend to purchase the product or service, you receive  cahback  waiting on your  marketbot.  The  cahback  will only be confirmed when the aggregator deadline has  passed and the customer does not request a refund of their purchase.

Finance your marketbot

Ai Marketing allows you to fund advertising campaigns for its various aggregators. The minimum investment is $ 10 for a minimum profit of 25-35% of your advertising budget.

Thus with each purchase of a product or service by a customer; you receive 55% of the cashback and the ai marketing platform 45%. It's a win-win situation. Aggregators get free advertising on their offers, you and the marketbot get cashback.

The cashback received on your marketbot after purchase is pending and will only be validated after the confirmation period which varies from 16 to 83 days and depends from one aggregator to another. Approved cashback is money that you can withdraw or reinvest in your marketbot.